Adult World: no thanks!

As a freshly graduated 22 year old, I’ m expected to achieve a certain level of “adult”. l’ve had to manage far too many “adult” things in my post-grad month and a half. Including, but not limited to: starting graduate school, finding a “real job” , getting kicked out of my apartment, finding a new apartment, turning on and paying bills for utilities in said apartment (????), and learning how to actually grocery shop for “adult” food.
When did i sign up to become a part of the
“adult world”? Did I sign a contract (I’ve recently learned the importance of signing things) because if I did, I DID NOT READ THE FINE PRINT (I’ve recently learned the importance of this too)…

I know i m not the only twenty-something struggling to find my way in this labrynth of confusion marketed to us as a land of freedom and excitement. So, In the nature of sticking together (and in the hope that writing about it will make it more funny and less terrifying) I’ve decided to share my experiences, failures, successes, and train wrecks with all of you!

So, hi! I ‘m Tayler and I’m a mess. But, I’m an adult-ish, mess. Nice to meet you. I hope you can relate, but, if you can’t, I hope I made you laugh, or at least feel better about yourself.

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